My first post

Here’s where my life is at today. It’s Saturday, and I’ve got the house to myself except for the dog. I had last night to myself and I’ll have tonight. Then people return. I want to use this time to write, or be productive in some way or another. So far no good. But I created this blog thinking it will be a place to write whatever. Because whatever I write make me a better writer, and I want a place to write where it doesn’t have to be good, you know? I’m not saying it won’t be good. I’m just saying it might take a few posts to get there, and/or I may not think its very good. You are entitled to your own opinion.

It would be my goal to write something every day. If I only write once a month, then I have expectations that it be good, and then I won’t do it. If I write every day, then it’s understandable if it isn’t polished. And I can always polish things later and publish them elsewhere, verdad?

Quiero apender espanol. Mas Tarde.

What would I write about every day? What if I have nothing to write about? Then I guess I have to write about what happened the day before. That’s the thing. It’s hard coming up with topics right. Maybe that’s the point of this exercise.

Trump is always a good one. Can always talk about Trump. He was in Pittsburgh (no I’m not in Pittsburgh) yesterday for a Shale convention. You heard that right, folks, a convention for a rock. Except it isn’t really a Shale convention, it’s a fracking convention.

I could talk about fracking and what I think of it. Or why they don’t call it a fracking convention. Is it a little disingenuous to name the convention out of a rock that you fracture into a million little pieces? Like you care about the shale?

From The Pitt News in Pittsburgh, here’s what a guy named William Wang, an investment manager who was at the convention to learn more about shale gas companies said about Trump, “there’s just not a single thing about this person that I can find that I respect. At all.”

Tonight I play poker. Some people call it, “let’s go give A. Lawrence G. our money.” I have a reputation because I won three games in a row a couple of years ago. I actually lose a lot, but they never remember that.

I was thinking of going for a bikeride, but blowing it off cause I was lazy, then, just now, a friend has texted to see if anyone is up for a bikeride. So, as a matter of fact, there’s something productive to do. Hasta Luego.



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