Time Flies

My mother turns 80 today. I remember when she was in her 40s, that’s younger than I am now. Before that I’m not so sure what I can remember. We would be celebrating, but she and my dad when to France, like the Kranks, skipping out on what should be a grand celebration. It’s later there, so she got an early start. She’d been waiting all her life to get to 80 and needed to put it off 6 more hours. so she had to go to Strasbourg. Hey, do what you want on your birthday. She will return and she will still be 80 so we will have our chance to celebrate.

Me and my brothers/sister flirted with the idea of flying there to surprise her. Many things appealed to me about this idea. Automatically gets a bump for being just crazy enough to talk about for the rest of your lives. And for such a milestone event, something greater than dinner seemed in order. It would be a trip the likes of which we have never done and likely will never do again. It would involve flying, renting a car, driving together, we could fight like old times, surprising mom, and then do the same thing but in reverse, all in, like, a day.

But it would be expensive for such a short trip, and not really worth it unless we could all do it. Plus there’s this slight possibility that Mom went to Europe to avoid us. In any case, we couldn’t make it happen, so we’ll do something later. Dinner, probably. We’ll make it special.