Writing again

I wracked my brain to figure out how I could squeeze in time to write, what with work, and parenting, and eating and drumming and happy hours and parties at my friends houses and halloween, and soon it will be Thanksgiving and then we’re going on vacation before Christmas, and what about the weekends? I have places to be and people to see, flights to take and then I have to vote. Next Tuesday I have to vote.

I want some kind of mini computer that I could pull out and it would turn big and I could bring it with me always and write wherever I was. Sitting on the toilet would be my go to spot. It’s private, at least. Remember phones that real keyboards? Why was that a bad thing?

I came to a conclusion. There’s no way around the fact that the only way I’m going to be able to write, and for at least two hours a day (I want more) is to get up at 5AM and write until 7AM. And in order to do that, I have to be in bed by 10PM (cause I’m that old). I need to have my nighttime chores done early, the kitchen clean. And then I have to stop staying up with my wife to watch “just one more” episode of the Gilmore Girls. Will Rory and Lorelei finally stop being stupid? Yes (sorry. Spoiler alert).

Will I do it? It doesn’t matter what I say. If I produce, then maybe one day someone will ask me, “what is your routine?” And then I can say, “just like so many other writer’s, I get up too fucking early.”

I really wanted to post something, since today is the first day that I’ve actually tried to start this new routine, on my daughter’s old laptop actually, which she has foresaken because it shuts off whenever it wants to, she says (we’ll see). My own chromebook tells me it needs to be recovered, but when I do, it still needs it, It’s a needy little fucker, but it has been a good ol’ wagon. I would get another, but for the fact that I have my daughters laptop.

So, there. I posted something. I know it’s not good. This blog is where I post things that don’t have to be.

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