Extra Innings

We all need to do a little extra. This is how committed I am. It was an historic moment last night. The Cubs after 108 years finally broke the curse. Teased so many times before, and I was there for some of that. They had some good teams over the years, 1969, 1984, hell last year even. And it looked like they might lose again, but they forced a seventh game.

And I went to bed at 10PM because I had just committed myself to a routine to awake at 5AM to write something everyday. That’s how committed I am to my own extra. Of course I checked the score first thing in the morning to find out that the 5-1 lead that I abandoned for sleep was blown and the game went into extra inningsĀ had a rain delay and then the Cubs made history in the 10th. And now Cleveland is the team with the longest drought since winning a World Series.

And I feel pretty good about missing it. Especially since it went really late. Of course, I wouldn’t have missed it if the Mets were playing. So maybe it’s not the sacrifice I claim it to be. Maybe I don’t really care. It’s not like I was following these players all year. I wasn’t invested too much. But I’m happy for them. I’m happy for Cubs fans. They should all take a day off work.

On another note, I had a dream last night that Michael Strahan was playing the drums really well, and I watched him for awhile and was thinking, “this is he way I would play the drums if I practiced more.” The weird thing is that usually the memory of any dreams I have start to fade very quickly after I wake up. If I can’t write them down right away, they’re gone. But this was an early dream. I had it, then went back to sleep, then woke up and remembered it, as if it really happened. Maybe it’s a waking up at 5 thing.