My Vote Was Stolen

I don’t trust the results. Because election tampering can and has gone on in previous years and officials defend such practices which suggests intent. The Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, Jon Husted allowed the security features of his state’s electronic voting machines, the feature that makes it difficult to hack and possible to check the results, off. When sued over it he argued to the Republican judge who ruled on the case that it would cause Havoc. Yeah, because people would know that the election was stolen!  The judge ruled in his favor.  That was this year, 2016. This is in addition to under-supplying machines to democratic districts so that the lines are unreasonably line while republican precincts have no lines. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the polls underestimated turnout. Or maybe they didn’t, and the results overestimated the votes.

This is election tampering. And it happened this year. So I’m not even talking about what happened in Ohio in 2004 which gave the election to Bush, or what happened in 2000 with voting machines that counted negative total votes for Gore in Florida (but the total number of votes for both candidates was right), or the purging of eligible voters from the rolls, which occurred in Florida in 2000 as well as Ohio in 2016.

It  makes me suspicious. It makes me wonder why the polls, exit polls even, are always consistently underestimating my candidate. The explanations for this include that maybe exit pollers lie. Why would exit pollers lie? Would they want people to think that their candidate cheated?

Proof that it goes on.  Strange results where polling is inconsistent with the actuals. In GA, where I vote, the year electronic machines were introduced we went completely red. Prior to this we had a democratic governor and one senator. And in races since then, like Jason Carter’s run for Governor when the polls suggested it would be close enough for a runoff he lost by a big margin.

So, no, I can’t prove that the election was stolen, or that tampering made the difference, but I don’t trust the results, because they aren’t trustworthy.

What do we do about it?

it would be quite logical to throw out the results, and have a new election. We have a right to know that the results are accurate. If we can’t now that, if audit features were turned off, if there’s evidence that eligible voters are being denied their rights to vote, if obstruction of the vote us purposeful, if there is a history of election tampering, then what else should we do? Revolution? Or has that already happened? Maybe we need to defend our country.