A Penny For My Thoughts

If I could make a penny for every post I wrote every time someone read it, I would have to write a lot to make any real money.  But if I knew that I could make, even a tenth of a penny every time anyone read any of my posts, it would  motivate me to think that I could  build this as a business. I need that. I need it to be motivated. A business model of some sort. And it’s not an unrealistic way to look at it, because with advertising or publicity that might not be so conservative an estimate of earning potential.

For example, let me put my accountant hat on for a minute, as much as I hate that hat, it just doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t look good either, it’s just not my style, not who I am, not who I want to be, not how I self-identify (it is, however, how I make money), so, running the numbers, we see that I if could make one tenth of one cent any time someone read a post, then if I wrote regularly and slowly built up to the point at which I had 100,000 readers I could make $100 off of every post.  If I posted every week, I’d make an extra $433.33 a month, on average.

It’s something to shoot for, that’s all I’m saying. It’s money for something I really want to do anyway.

And all I have to do is treat it like a business, like it’s important, like there’s a model that requires me to post something every week.

On Friday.