Look at me

I am an American

You know what that means

But in this Turkish coffee house

In Decatur, Georgia

Women wear the hijab

They sit in a circle

Leaning in

Talking and laughing

The owner’s family is here too

With his coffee colored baby

Yes I noticed

It makes me


That they can feel at home

And that I am welcome

Because that’s what they sell here

They sell welcome

Maybe I can cross my legs

And be less American

And maybe they wouldn’t judge me

Even the one with the burka

Would she?



Something to be said for headscarfs


Maybe they don’t want from men

What men are like

You know what that means

Don’t try to tell me

That American men are not like that

But the burka bothers me

If only because it reminds me too much

Of myself


2 thoughts on “Look at me

  1. You are quite a poet!
    I like this. The message comes across quite strong but subtle too (if that makes sense). Nothing wrong with American men wearing imaginary burkas. You’ll shed it when you feel ready and not before. I’d like to go to a coffee house that sells welcome. 😊


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