What Scares Us

Something happened

A long time ago

To make me feel unsafe



A very minor thing

I can’t remember


Maybe it was when

The other boys

Told me I looked like a girl


And laughed at me

Though it was

Just the truth


Sometimes I think

It would be easier

To have been a girl

And not so a

Like men are

Of being laughed at


2 thoughts on “What Scares Us

  1. Lol. Amazing how the things in our youth can affect us so much. If you swap the word girl for boy,then that would fit me perfectly. But I don’t mind! You shouldn’t either. 😊


    1. I always thought it was more easily accepted for a girl to be a “tomboy”, than for a boy to be feminine (the point of the line “I wouldn’t be afraid to be masculine”) but I realize now, of course, that I was probably always wrong about that.


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