Another Win

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I played poker. I was up, I was down, I came back, I lost, I won. It was an exciting roller coaster. I ended up doubling my money – ten dollars – and it was another “let’s go give A. Lawrence G. our money” kind of night, just like I like ‘em. Actually there were four players and among them two winners, one break even and one guy funding all of the winners by losing twenty dollars all by himself. And it was his birthday this week. But that’s ok, he raked up with gifts of bourbon, some Cuban cigars and a book or three.

Friday there was what we call happy hour, even though it lasts more than an hour, at a neighbor’s house across the street from where I live, and the wife and I were invited. We appeared early on then had to leave for dinner plans and then we came back after. This was also to celebrate the birthday of my friend the loser at poker, and another friend who wasn’t a loser at poker (you can’t lose if you don’t play).

I’m a good poker player. I should play in Vegas, except I was just there and I did play in a cash hold ‘em game for my first time playing in a casino, and I lost $100. I felt out of my league from early on. I play better when it’s low stakes and I can feel comfortable being aggressive. It also helps that the other players aren’t so good.

So I’m glad I got that out of my system, and I think I’ll stick to the neighborhood.

Speaking of winning and losing, the election is tomorrow. These same friends are having another damn party, on a Tuesday night, because they hope to be celebrating.

I’m sorry, but I can not be a part of that. For one thing, it takes forever for them to call it. That’s like watching a 1 minute television show with 2 hours of commercials. I’ll just Tivo it and watch it in the morning. Also, 10PM is my bedtime during the week. Sorry but I have to get up at 5AM

“What for?” they ask.

“I don’t want to say. I might jinx it.”

“The election?”

“No, that would be you jinxing the election.”

It is true that I’ve been here before and I don’t want to assume that election night is going to be all about my candidates victory. I would rather go to bed hopeful and wake up excited, or if all else fails I’ll at least have had a good night’s sleep.

Because this is the win that’s really important. I would trade the $10 I just won in a heartbeat to win this one instead.